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To visit Québec is to experience France without crossing the Atlantic. The architecture, ambiance and mostly French-speaking citizenry are proof that some of France has been permanently ingrained in North America. In addition to its European flair, Québec City is the only remaining walled city north of Mexico.

Québec's old city has preserved its historic cobblestone streets and buildings, as well as its fortifications. And as the only walled city in North America, UNESCO has classified it as a World Heritage Site.

Dufferin Terrace
This is Québec's grand promenade that stretches from Château Frontenac to the Citadel along the top of the cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Its wide wooden boardwalk offers great views of the city and the river, as well as plenty of opportunities for people watching.

Québec's Notre Dame is the oldest stone church in North America. The cathedral has been destroyed by fires twice and it possesses some impressive works of art as well as artistic architectural details.




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